10 Marketing-Tipps, die Sie eigentlich schon kennen. Und die 90% des Erfolgs ausmachen…

Robert Middleton schreibt regelmäßig Beiträge rund um sein Konzept Action Plan Marketing. Diesen Beitrag finde ich sehr schön als Erinnerung. Er beschreibt genau die einfachen, erprobten und fast zeitlosen Marketing-Praxen, die 90% des Erfolgs ausmachen. Zum Beispiel:

1. Market unto others as you would have others market unto you.

2. If you can’t explain what you do to your family, how do you expect your prospective clients to understand you?

3. When talking about your services, use stories.

4. The first thing someone wants, after they get interested in your business, is more information.

5. When you give a presentation, you can’t bore people into doing business with you.

6. Nothing happens without follow-up and friendly persistence.

7. Nobody’s going to think about you or remember you if you don’t keep in touch.

8. Over-communicating can be just as bad as under-communicating, especially if every communication is a pitch.

9. In selling, nobody likes to be pressured, they like to be listened to.

10. If you don’t ask for what you want, you’re not likely to get it, in life or in business.

Er betont den Part “Call for Action” immer wieder.

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