“4 Ways to Use Your Website to Listen to Your Customers”

Es gibt immernoch viele Webseiten, die wie Schaufenster funktionieren. Wie in den 90ern und 2000ern. Weisst’ noch?

Auf Amex openforum.com lesen wir einen schönen Artikel, “4 Ways to Use Your Website to Listen to Your Customers”, der uns den neuen Weg ein Stück näherbringt:

“You talk to your customers everyday via your website. But do you know what they are saying to you? Most executives incorrectly think of their website as a one-way customer communication vehicle – as in, “I, the company, say things to customers and they listen.” But how customers interact with your company’s website can tell you a lot about their impressions of your business. Are you listening?My team and I have been using a variety of tests to understand what our customers think about us. We’ve learned some very valuable lessons recently. I won’t get into the nitty-gritty details of how we set up these tests, but rather will summarize some of the important things we heard from our website visitors. (In case you are wondering, we used a combination of quantitative and qualitative tests: A/B tests, popup surveys, usability tests, click/heatmaps and simple analytics reports.)

Four things we learned from listening to how our customers use our company’s website:…”

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