Content Marketing: Frage den Kunden, entwickele Geschichten, begeistere

Frag‘ doch mal die Kunden, was sie wirklich wirklich wollen. Was sie so denken. Wie sie darauf kommen. Was sie treibt. Was sie wirklich, wirklich wollen. Ihre Motive. Dann mache Geschichten daraus, erzähle etwas, das bewegt, das mit ihnen zu tun hat, zum Handeln aufruft. Biete Lösungen und ganz neue Ansätze. Begeistere! Wir lesen auf dazu:

„… How do you go about discovering opportunities for customer influence and applying them in your content marketing to be more persuasive and effective?

One of the first steps is to profile those potential customers in terms of preferences and behaviors.

  • What do they currently believe to be true?
  • What are their objections to doing what you’ll be persuading them to do?
  • What / who are their primary influences?
  • What motivates their behaviors?
  • What outcomes are most attractive to them?
  • What would limit implementation, use and acceptance of your persuasion objective?

It takes research, both primary and secondary to get qualitative answers to these types of questions. From interviewing sales and customer service staff to digging in to web analytics and 3rd party research – there’s a lot to draw from for capturing customer insights.

Find stories that represent examples of customer that have made the transition from previous behaviors to the desired behaviors and outcomes. “I used to think this, then I found out that, and that’s why I use/buy from company 123.”…“

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