Das nennt man “Gentle Marketing”

David Middleton hat Online-Programme entwickelt, über die man lernt, konsequent und auf auf smarte Art Güter und Dienstleistung zu vertreiben. Seine Selbstlernkurse und Lesungen sind brauchbar. In seinem Blog lesen wir, was er unter “Gentle Marketing” versteht:

Marketing is not selling. You are not trying to convince someone to do business with you now. That’s violent. That pushes people away. It alienates them. When you try to sell when should be marketing you are asking people to make decisions and take steps they are not ready to take. Marketing should be gentler than that.

Marketing is more about education, developing familiarity and trust. Successful marketing activities make prospects feel good about you and stimulate their interest in how you can help them.

Marketing says, “I understand your situation. I feel your pain. And here are some ideas that will help you understand your situation and pain even better and some ideas how you can alleviate that pain and get the results you are looking for.”

Selling doesn’t happen until a prospect says: “I’ve heard about you, I have read your web site, and know something about your services. You really seem to understand my situation and problems. Now can you tell me how you can help me?”

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