Kann/muss man Privates und Geschäftliches in Social Media trennen?

Dawn Foster schreibt im Web Worker Daily über einen Konflikt, den viele Webworker hierzulande offenbar beschäftigt: Privates und Geschäftliches in Social Media trennen? Social Media funktioniert über Konversation, über Gespräche mit anderen Menschen, nicht mit gesichtslosen Firmen. Eben anders als im traditionellen Einbahnstraßen-Marketing von Gestern. Frau Foster schreibt:

“You can actually be professional and personal at the same time in social media without too much effort. When we talk about “being personal” on social media web sites, I think that many people confuse “personal” with “private.” The reality is that you get to decide what to share and what not to share, so you can still keep most areas of your private life private. Think about this like the beginning of a conference call on Monday where you spend a few minutes talking about how you spent your weekend. You probably aren’t going to reveal anything private, inappropriate or unprofessional in a conference call with a client or coworkers, but sharing a little personal information does help you get to know each other on a level that is slightly deeper than just having strictly work conversations. This is exactly the type of personal information you can easily share on social media.”

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