Social-Media-Posts: Schluss mit Marken-Jubelei, heisser Luft und Druckbefüllung:

Christine Perkett warnt in ihrem Artikel „If Your Social Content Isn’t Brand-Relevant, It’s Just Noise“ davor, das Grundrauschen nur noch zu verstärken, und nicht zu schreiben, nur um etwas zu publizieren, weil es mal wieder dran ist. Und sie gibt Tipps an die Hand.

  • Post content that gets people thinking about an issue, topic or trend that ties to your business.
  • Post content that gets people to engage with you.
  • Post content that makes sense.

Und sie betont sinnigerweise:

„The biggest mistake we see in this type of promotion is a failure to connect the dots. Too many companies are so busy providing status updates and ad hoc content just to fill a page (or justify someone’s job), that they aren’t thinking about an integrated strategy. There’s also a lot of unrelated content posted by businesses that doesn’t seem to support the brand, the products or the company’s mission. Even if you are just trying to entertain your community and be conscientious to not over-promote to them, you should still make sure you’re posting content that makes sense. Otherwise, it’s just unnecessary noise.“


„When thinking about your social media and marketing content, how do you ensure it ties to your brand or company’s mission? Are you considering the tone you’re setting with the content you share? Are you taking the time to train anyone responsible for growing social networks and community on your behalf, so that they are fully aware of that tone/sentiment, and so that they know how to tie interesting and engaging content to your brand?“

Den ganzen Artikel lesen.

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