Wann haben Sie das letzte Mal mit Ihrem Kunden geschlafen?

Ja, welch Frage? Die FastCompany stellt solche. Und auch die eigene Antwort konfrontiert.
Autor Martin Lindstorm sagt in seinem wunderbaren Artikel, dieBadezimmer, die Essens- und Sauberkeitskultur seiner Kunden zu kennen, könne eine Marken-Kampagne aufleben oder sterben lassen. Seine Kunden zu kennen und ihnen zuzuhören, sei essentiell. Und er fragt: „How far are you willing to go?“ Weiter:

„Here’s the truth: I have come to spend a large part of my time living in consumers‘ homes. It began a few years ago when I was asked to the Philippines to help an ailing coffee brand. For years the major coffee manufacturer in the region had attempted to run an advertising campaign during the rainy season. It’s traditionally a time of celebration, and if a coffee brand could „own“ this, it would be a license to print money. The coffee company had run an expensive television campaign featuring smiling people drinking the brew in the shelter of their homes while rain pitter-pattered down on the roof. To everyone’s surprise, it seemed the association with the rainy season was a major turn-off. Sales decreased, and in turn left everyone baffled. Just before the annual rains were due, I headed off to Manila to work out why.“

Er, der schon einige Bestseller zu Marke und Verkauf geschrieben hat und zur Forbes Liste der einflussreichsten Menschen gehört sagt zum Abschluss:

„But hey, let’s stop here for a minute. What about you? When did you last spend a day with your consumers? At worst, you’d find out why those 4% brush their teeth in the shower. At best you might stumble across that tiny nugget of insight that could transform your product.“

Den ganzen Artikel hier lesen.

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