Gelesen: "When Words Fail: The Hard Truth About Copywriting and Why It's Not for Everyone"

Ich beschäftige mich wieder intensiver mit dem Thema Copywriting-Praxis, weil Kunden-Aufgaben anstehen und ich nochmal neu dazulerne. Die Autorin Mariryam Zahra schreibt hier griffig über die Herausforderungen bei Textarbeit fürs Online-Business:

„Copywriting is not just about writing words that sell, it also requires a deep emotional investment. To be effective, copywriters must fully understand their audience and be able to communicate with them on a personal level. This means putting themselves in their audience's shoes and understanding their pain points, desires, and motivations. It's not just about writing words, it's about creating a connection with the reader.

 This emotional investment can be draining and even overwhelming for some. Copywriters must be able to handle the pressure of coming up with the perfect words, the perfect tone, and the perfect message. They must be able to handle rejection and criticism and be able to take feedback and make changes accordingly.
For some, this level of emotional investment can be too much to handle. They may find themselves getting too attached to their work, or feeling like they can't disconnect from it. It's important for copywriters to take care of their mental health and well-being, and to know their limits.

However, for those who can handle the emotional investment, copywriting can be incredibly rewarding. The feeling of creating a connection with a reader, of seeing your words make a difference, is truly fulfilling. It's a craft that requires both skill and heart and for those who can master it, the results can be truly remarkable.“ Weiter im Originaltext lesen

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